More and more companies outsource the maintenance and repair of their logistic materials. This is because of the strict health and safety rules concerning welding and the costs of welding and polishing.

Santbergen Roll Containers  shall undertake the repair and maintenance no longer on Roll Containers but also on other logistics storage media. You must  think of the repair of sorting-tables, pilingracks, orderpicker and shoptrolleys.

We repair in our own workshop but also on location. If necessary we will come to you and make sure everything is perfect. Several companies have their logistic items repaired in the workshop of Santbergen Roll Containers.

With a surface of 7000 m2  we have enough capacity. Our workshop measures up to all health & safety and environmental rules and regulations. We also make sure that you do not have to miss your roll containers for a long time. Through our long experience, our employees have built a solid know-how.

Our mechanics, trained in and away from our company are our tickets to our customers, so are our very good service-vans and a healthy image.

The way we arranged our vans is completely tune don the wishes of the customer, so the mechanics are able to work very efficiently.


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In short: Santbergen Roll Containers relieves and keep your logistics storage resources continuously in top shape

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