Because the logistic process is subject to constant change, our customers have specific wishes or demands for an optimal efficiency. This way we avoid complete renewal for the machinepark. Many modifications we found is the application of RFID for tracking and tracing, company-names and/or logo’s, ID’s and adjustments to improve ease of use.

Also “PIEK” is a very common modification to make the rollcontainers more silent, with the purpose to reduce the noise, caused by loading and unloading. This can be realised by flexible straps, the use of artificial products for bearings, shock caps and adjusting  the wheels. To use these facilities this also improves to the ease of use (rolling resistance of the wheels) safety (straps) and hygiene (the use of durable materials).

Modification is done in our workshop. It is very important we listen to our clients needs.

Santbergen Rollcontainers stimulates all their customers to tell us where there is room for improvement and/or optimalisation. For every application we offer the right solution. Standard out of our stock, a modified product or one produced to your specifications

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