Santbergen Roll Containers has its own production department, therefore you always get a 100 % Dutch quality product. The vast machinepark consist, among other things, of an automatic sawingmachine, several processing machines and welding robots.

The production target is not only roll containers but also other logistic storage devices. For example: sorting-tables, racks for stacking and orderpick-cars.

For every need/requirement we offer the right solution.

Standard products in store: a great number available and a fast delivery.
Also modified products, for tracking and tracing, ease of use and to make the roll containers more silent.

Santbergen Roll Containers develops and produces everything inhouse making us flexible producing one to very many roll containers.
We also design for you, we can produce demos and CAD drawings. We Carry out  tests and also deliver spare parts.

“From a frame ‘til side rack”

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